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Re: vocal and non-vocal classification in music

The followings are several key references to this task:

Chou, W. and L. Gu, 2001, Robust singing detection in speech/music
discriminator design: Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on
Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, p. 865-868.

Maddage, N. C., K. Wan, C. Xu and Y. Wang, 2004, Singing voice detection
using twice-iterated composite Fourier Transform: IEEE International
Conference on Multimedia and Expo, p. 1347-1350.

Berenzweig, A. L. and D. P. W. Ellis, 2001, Locating singing voice segments
within music signals: 2001 IEEE Workshop on the Applications of Signal
Processing to Audio and Acoustics, p. 119-122.

Nwe, T. L., A. Shenoy and Y. Wang, 2004, Singing voice detection in popular
music: Proceedings of the 12th annual ACM international conference on
Multimedia, p. 324-327.

We are also developing a method for the task. Hopefully it will be published

Best regards

Yipeng Li
Teaching Assistant
Computer Science & Engineering
The Ohio State University
U. S. A.

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   Can anyone give me some advice to do vocal and
non-vocal classification in music? Any new method or
new feature!



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