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FW: Sound morphing?

 Diphone and modalys from Ircam are pretty good at that. I haven't used
it much myself, but there's a good tutorial with it. <www.ircam.fr>

Also, there's a lot of control afforded in CSound, and I've heard some
very nice transitions using it. <http://csound.sourceforge.net/>

Andrew Lewis, a composer at Bangor, Wales, has some routines he made
either with Max/MSP or CSound.

SuperCollider is a very powerful sound programming language/software.
It's free, and the sound quality is excellent.

MAX/MSP and PD (Pure Data) are two programs developed by Miller
Puckette. MAX is the commercial venture marketed by cycling74.com. PD is
the open source cross platform versio. They aren't the same, but the
approach is similar. AMX costs a few hundred USD.

All of these Google pretty well, but if you're interested I'll get the

I know some people DO use Matlab, and I believe there are some versions
of LSU gravity wavelet routines for Matlab that have been subverted for
sound use, but I don't have any details there.


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> I am interested in learning about the possibilities and also
> software/routines (i.e. MATLAB) that would enable morphing of sounds
> a controlled & progressive manner.

For the special case of speech I recommend to look at (and listen to!)
work of Hartmut Pfitzinger

Pfitzinger, H.R. (2004): Unsupervised Speech Morphing between Utterances
of any Speakers. Proc. of the 10th Australian Int. Conf. on Speech
and Technology (SST 2004), pp. 545-550. Sydney. Dec.


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