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Phd and assistant professorship positions in Copenhagen Denmark

At the Copenhagen Institute of Technology several positions as Phd student
and Assistant Professor within Medialogy (Creativity meets technology) are
open for appointment from 01.08.2005.

The positions are available for a period of three years including both
research and teaching within the following areas:

 Sound synthesis and design: Sound synthesis by physical models, Sound
design for virtual reality, Virtual and augmented musical instruments,
Sound design for HCI, New interfaces for musical expression

Sensor Technology: Theory of Sensor Technology, Design and Application of
Sensors, Human-Computer-Interfaces, multi-sensorial Devices, new input
devices for musical instruments, Computer Games and HCI

For more information about Medialogy see www.media.aau.dk

If you would like to obtain more information about the positions and how
to apply, please contact Stefania Serafin at sts@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Application deadline is June 17.