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Flooring for sound lab?


I am having a room in my offices converted to a "sound lab". I am equipping it with a diagnostic audiometer, sound generators,
spectrum analyser, video otoscope, VST workstation, tympanometer, a couple of CD sound systems & speakers and various other bits of

The walls are 9"-15" thick brick, with battens and boarding on top. I have had sound insulationg windows fitted and I have had a
hard suspended ceiling installed. (The original was VERY high).

I had planned to shop around for sound conditioning materials for the walls and ceiling in a few weeks, due to time & money issues..
However I must decide NOW about flooring.

So ... is standard carpet on underlay over concrete OK? Or is something else preferable for a lab doing both headphone and
free-field audio testing [NOT hi-fi - below 10KHz]. I not NOT want/need any echo or reverb!