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Praat vowel synthesis



 Could anybody help me?


What I am currently trying to do is to create a vowel continuum through varying the F1 value in a range that goes from 300 to 600 Hz.

I have tried the Praat source-filter synthesis, thus creating a formant tier and associating it to a source which is either extracted from a sound or created from scratch.

The problem I am encountering is that when I create a sound associating the formant tier to the source signal and query its F1 value (or the value of  any one of the formants),  I am getting  a different value  from the one I had previously fixed in the formant tier.

I am a novice and I can not imagine an explanation for this discrepancy other than some kind of effect the source could have over the filter.

What could be wrong? Would you have any suggestions of what could have been done differently?

How is it possible to create a sound with the ?exact? formant value I intend?