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Fwd - Any tips on building multi channel recording system?

I just received a mail saying that some of you cannot read an email
with HTML encoding. Here, this time, I am resending the mail with ASCII code.
Any sort of tip will do. A small hint would be appreciated as well.
Thank you all of you for the kind concern.
----- Original Message -----
From: Jimmy Cook
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2005 4:54 PM
Subject: [AUDITORY] Dear auditory list - Any tips on building multi channel recording system?

Dear List
Hi, My name is Jimmy Cook, a researcher at the KAIST in S.Korea
Recently, I have purchased a multi channel recording system called
[4 ch CardDeluxe] from Digital Audio Lab.
I am having some problems with installing the hardware into my system.
I have used both old Legacy MME device driver (ver 4.06.1037) and the new
WDM/ASIO audio device driver (ver 5.10.3508). However both of them
are no good. The problem occurs when I try to click on the [Volume...] button
on the [Sound recording] part of [Audio]tab in [Sounds and Audio Device Properties]
(Control panel->Sounds and Audio Device Properties->audio tab->sound recording)
Simply, the button gets disabled and when I try to use an application such as
[Audacity] or [Cool Edit Pro] to record 4 channel sound environment,
the system crashes with the warning that says, [Error while opening sound device.
Please check the input settings and the project sample rate]
I wonder if anyone can pitch me some nice tips on building a multi channel recording
system with a PC. I suspect that my the reason might come from the system incompatibility issue,
with ASUS mother board and CardDeluxe system. If anyone has experiences in building
multi channel recording system with IBM based PC, please notify me so.
Little advice such as [what type of system and programs do you use for your
multi channel recording system?], answering this kind of question will help me a lot...
Best Regards.

My system spec is as follows...
System: Microsoft Windows 2000
5.00.2195 / Service Pack 3
Computer: Intel(R) Pentium
(R)4 CPU 3.00Ghz
1,047,280 KB RAM
Board: ASUSP4800SE
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (single)
VIDEO: ASUS GeForce4 V8200, and Ati PCI 64MB (dual monitor)
sound: onboard SoundMax Digital Audio, and CardDelux 4 ch

Jimmy Cook
Computational NeuroSystems Laboratory
Department of BioSystems
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Tel: +82-42-869-8492