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Re: audio editor

beaucham wrote:

I added '.app' at the end of the WaveSurfer-1.8.3 name, and indeed
my system (10.1.5) thinks it's an application. However, when I
double click on the icon, it gives an error message -- "The application
WaveSurfer-1.8.3 has unexpectedly quit". I have to conclude that it
requires an OS that's more advanced than what I have. Since 10.2.8
didn't work for one user that responded, it probably requires at least


From my limited knowledge of computers, I understand that WaveSurfer is using libraries called Tcl/Tk to draw its windows. The latest WaveSurfer (1.8.3) comes with Tcl/Tk versions 8.4.9, which indeed works only on 10.3 and later. There is a version (8.4.1) of Tcl/Tk that works on 10.1 (see http://tcltkaqua.sourceforge.net), but I don't expect it's enough to install it to make WaveSurfer work. However maybe you should try to contact the developper (I don't see an email, but there's the WaveSurfer forum) to get an older version. The WaveSurfer website (under /download) states that older versions are available, but you have to know their name to be able to download them. And of course you need to know which one would work with 10.1.