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F0 and F1

Dear List,

Our colleague Jean-Sylvain
Liénard (Paris) asked me to post this
note for him.



Dear Daniel,

    Increases of F0 and F1 are the most noticeable effects of  an increase of voice intensity, i.e. vocal effort. You may get some valuable info, as well as some earlier references, in the following paper:

J.-S.LIENARD and M.-G. DI BENEDETTO  : "Effect of vocal effort on spectral properties of vowels", Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 106 (1), 411-422, july 1999

    In my opinion, controlling the physical intensity of voice production in a vowel perception experiment is a mandatory (though often neglected)  precaution. It changes everything in the spectrum.

Yours cordially,


Daniel Silva wrote:

I need some information about
1- the influence of F1 on perceived (and physical?) intensity.
2- the effect of F0 on the formant values.
Concerning the first question, is it worth controlling either
intensity" or "physical intensity" in a vowel perception
experiment in which
F1 is the independent variable?

Jean-Sylvain Liénard
BP 133
91403 Orsay Cedex

tél: 01 69 85 81 13