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Re: dB-100 Zwislocki coupler

Hi Ben --

You're in luck.  We have an extra Zwislocki coupler canal extension that we can send you.

There's a cautionary tale here that's worth telling publicly.  We used one of our Zwislocki couplers to shoot a KEMAR ear impression.  This turned out to be a bad idea.  The coupler has several side branches that contain delicate acoustic resistors, and the impression material gunked things up.  As a result, the coupler's acoustic impedance has changed and the response is now measurably different from our other, clean Zwislocki couplers.  We cannot repair or replace the bad coupler because Knowles no longer sells or services Zwislocki couplers.  So that's why we have a spare canal extension for you.  (The canal extension has no side branches, so it was not damaged by the impression material.)

Moral: don't shoot ear impressions with your Zwislocki coupler!

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Hi All,
I'm looking for someone with the canal portion of a Knowles dB-100 Zwislocki
coupler (or the whole coupler if need be) that they would be willing to part
with. Anyone have an old one laying around? Feel free to respond off list.



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