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Characteristics of Bose cube speakers

Dear list:

I'm setting up a lab for testing spatial hearing (mainly with
speech stimuli) in hearing-impaired listeners and wearers of
hearing aids.  I plan to use a few (4-8) small speakers for
delivering sound.  A couple of people have recommended to me
the little Bose cube speakers that come with the Acoustimass
systems.  But I can't find any information on the internet
about the acoustic characteristics of these speakers.  Is
anyone willing to share this information (frequency response,
directional characteristics) if they have it?

Alternatively, please let me know offline (sridhar_kalluri at
alum.mit.edu) if you suggestions of other speakers that might
be good (small, freq response down to the first harmonic of
voiced male speech, inexpensive, powered or non-powered).
I'll compile the suggestions given to me and post them to the



Sridhar Kalluri
Starkey Hearing Research Center
Berkeley, CA