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RF-shielding benefits

Hi members of the Auditory List:

We are planning to obtain a double-walled sound-attenuated room
for psychoacoustic research, including both auditory localization
and evoked-potential recording.

Does anyone have opinions regarding the value of RF-shielding
which is an option for the room?  The manufacturer of the evoked-
potential equipment suggests that there will be little gain from RF-
shielding and that most labs run without it. I'd be interested in any
views about this.

Also, are there other benefits of RF shielding that could be brought
to my attention? We will also use the room for more general
perceptual-cognitive research. The sound-attenuated room itself will
be installed in a room housing other computer and media
equipment and likely in the vicinity of a computer lab.

Thanks for any advice.

Annabel Cohen
Department of Psychology
University of Prince Edward Island
Charlottetown, PE  C1A 4P3