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New Hearing Book

Apologies for the blatant spam, but to be frank I need the money...
Christopher J. Plack
University of Essex, England
The Sense of Hearing is a truly accessible introduction to auditory
perception that is intended for students approaching the subject for the
first time, and as a foundation for more advanced study. In clear and
authoritative prose, the fundamental aspects of hearing are addressed.
The reader is introduced to the nature of sound and the spectrum, and
the anatomy and physiology of the auditory system. Basic auditory
processes including frequency selectivity, loudness and pitch
perception, temporal resolution, and sound localization are explained.
The reader is led to an understanding of the remarkable abilities of the
auditory system in a systematic and coherent way. In the final chapters,
it is shown how complex processes, such as perceptual organization and
speech perception, are dependent on the initial analysis that occurs
when sounds enter the ear.
The text benefits from 139 original illustrations, including uncluttered
diagrams that illuminate auditory mechanisms. An extensive glossary
provides definitions of technical terms. The emphasis is on explanation
and clarity of style throughout, and the book will be an essential
resource for students and educators involved in this sometimes
challenging field.
Contents: Preface. Introduction. The Nature of Sound. Production,
Propagation, and Processing. A Journey Through the Auditory System.
Frequency Selectivity. Loudness and Intensity Coding. Pitch and
Periodicity Coding. Hearing Over Time. Spatial Hearing. The Auditory
Scene. Speech. Concluding Remarks.
0-8058-4883-5 [cloth] / 2005 / 280pp. / $79.95
0-8058-4884-3 [paper] / 2005 / 280pp. / $32.50
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Chris Plack - Ear Boffin
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