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Question about P.862 (PESQ) or bug?

I am working on speech quality assessment.

When reading the source code of ITU-T P.862, I noticed that in the function
"time_avg_audible_of" the pitch power density above 100 times the absolute
hearing threshold is sumed. But in the section 10.2.6 of ITU-T P.862
"Perceptual evaluation of speech quality (PESQ):An objective method for
end-to-end speech quality assessment of narrow-band telephone networks and
speech codecs ", it says "power is more than 1000 times the absolute hearing
threshold". I wonder if there is something wrong with the source code or the

Also, in the function of "pesq_psychoacoustic_model", the code of
"frame_disturbance [frame] /= h;" may be "frame_disturbance [frame] *= h"
acording to the  section of 10.2.11 in the recommendation.

Could anyone help me out with this?