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Filter bank in PEAQ

This is my first posting to this list, so first hello to all that receive
I am working on my master thesis: researching if there is possibility to
improve advanced model of ITU-R BS.1387-1.
First I have to build reference program and have written so far FFT and
Filter bank ear model. I have big problem in testing if outputs of ear models
are correct, so if anybody has implemented it and tested it, help would
I have implemented filter bank as described in 3.2 of "An examination and
interpretation of ITU-R BS.1387:PEAQ" written by P. Kabal. It is the slowest
part of filter bank ear model, so I am trying to implement it recursively.
In "Perceptual audio quality assessment using a Non-Linear Filter Bank" by
T.Thiede, FDC filter is implemented recursively, but without sin^2 part. It
is stated there that filter in ITU-R BS.1387-1 corresponds to running 3
filters defined by (3.32) "with slightly staggered center frequencies in
parallel". Can anyone explain me this, especially "slightly" and "staggered"
(English is not my native language).
Regards, Goran Markovic.