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Re: Effect of duration on pitch perception

Dear Martin,

You wrote:
> Patterson et al. (1983) reported that the minimum stimulus duration for the
> perception of pitch of a complex tone with f0 = 100 Hz was < 20 ms. For the
> perception of pitch of a pure-tone with f =100 Hz, however, the minimum
> stimulus duration was > 80 ms.
> The most obvious conclusion that has to be drawn from the results is that
> they ruled out the place-pattern hypothesis of pitch.

I agree that these results contradict to an immediate readour of an tonotopic
pattern while they fit well to Langner's periodotopy in the IC as well as to my
idea of pitch via a cepstrum-like second (neural) analysis after cochlear
frequency analysis jointly corresponding to autocorrelation of the original
signal. Do you suggest a different explanation?

Kind Regards,