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Re: BMLD questions

At 11:43 AM 9/9/2005, Xuejing Sun wrote:
I have a question regarding binaural masking level difference (BMLD). For NoSm condition, are there any studies that show the effect of varying noise level at the ear with signal? That is, keeping noise level on one side constant and varying the noise level on the other side (the signal side).

From Durlach and Colburn (1978), "Binaural Phenomena", in Handbook of Perception

"detectability for (M|alpha(n), 0) [N0Sm with ILD applied to the noise] is best when the noise in the ear not receiving the tone is at the same level as in the ear with the tone; it decreases as the noise level in the nonsignal ear becomes either smaller or greater than the noise level in the signal ear."

They cite Egan, 1965; Weston and Miller, 1965; Dolan and Robinson, 1967 and McFadden, 1968.

This is not exactly what you asked about, but they say that changing the overall level doesn't impact the size of the BMLD.  Consequently, it shouldn't matter whether you are varying the level at the signal or non-signal ear.  Monaural performance will vary, but the size of the BMLD should not.

Erick Gallun
Postdoctoral Fellow
Hearing Research Center
Boston University