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Sensory and Perceptual Learning, Conference

The Eighth Conference on the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory will be held March 11-14, 2006 at Irvine, California. It's title is "Memory and Brain: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Implications".

For the first time, there will be a session devoted to "Sensory and Perceptual Learning" -- the speakers will be
Charles Gilbert (visual system), Shihab Shamma (auditory system), Roberto Malinow (somatosensory system) and Federico Bermudez-Rattoni (gustatory system).

Other sessions are:

"Mechanisms for acquisition and maintenance of reinforcement-related behavior: relation to addiction/compulsion"

"Memory and normal and abnormal aging"

"Modulation of neuroplasticity and long-term memory"

For information and on-line registration: www. cnlm.uci.edu.

For questions, etc. e-mail: memoryconference@xxxxxxx

Norman M. Weinberger

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