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Re: errors in harmonic chord identification

Robert Gjerdingen wrote:

> 	Currently the very best software for comparing the actual pitch to the
> ideal pitch is known as a musician :)

Because pitch is a perception, the ultimate judge will ALWAYS be the human
ear-brain system. Already Seebeck was wrongly blamed wrong for the sake of an
immature theory.
(Recall: Ohm dismissed Seebeck's discovery of an audible missing fundamental,
and Seebeck 1844 replied that the word illusion was inappropriate since only the
ear could decide how tones should be heared.)

Having suggested a joint autocorrelation mechanism including a real-valued first
cochlear analysis as well as a subsequent also real-valued analysis within
brain, I would appreciate any study or comment on the possibility that the
predominant physical correlate to pitch is not really frequency but something
like autocorrelation lag.

I just amended
Be not mislead by further imperfections. My basic ideas might nonetheless be

Eckard Blumschein