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Re: Audio induced hearing loss important parameters

I do not have the answer to Samuel important question, but I have an aparently simpler one:

What are the important parameters for hearing audio losses / exposure time, intensity, frequency? how are they connected, is there a general empirical equation lest us say as Loss proportional to expossure time x intensity?

Paul-Marie Guyon

Le 15 sept. 05, à 20:59, Samu Mielonen a écrit :

I've scanned my psychoacoustics and audiology texts, but
can't find data on this.

Is there a detailed review of known mechanisms for audio induced hearing
loss mechanisms available somewhere?

I know the basics (roughly), but I'm more interested in processes at inner ear level, esp. as it relates to intensity (dB) vs
subjective loudness (phon).

Or to put it in other words, does the frequency distribution of
a sound wave have a significant impact on the actual hearing
damage induced (at different intensities), or does sound wave
distribution merely affect perception of loudness.

That is, how are loudness perception AND actual hearing damage
(loss) correlated at various intensity levels when the stimuli
waveform is changed (triangle, sine, square, etc)?

I can imagine it's difficult to test this on actual humans, but
maybe some kind of epidemological data could exist, no?

Any references on this would be very welcome.