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Ping tinnitus questionnaire (ASCII)

Hi all,

My chance mentioning (under another thread) my ping tinnitus questionnaire
 the other day has brought a good response and this is to promote it still further.  
 Most people are familiar with continuous tinnitus, such as occurs with noise
 trauma, but it seems fewer have registered these transient pings, which may
 also be very soft.  I think they likely have a very different mechanism to the
 continuous variety.

These events are very real to those whom have registered the phenomenon,
 but to most they appear to fall under the category of ignorable body noises. 
 The chances of registering them objectively are negligible, but having people
 respond to a questionnaire allows developing some idea of occurrence.

Please take a few minutes to work through survey:


Eric LePage, Ph.D. 
Sydney Australia