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call for papers on "Alternative models for audio source separation"

Dear all,

We are organizing a session on "Alternative models for audio source
separation" at the ICA'06 conference (6th International Conference on
Independent Component Analysis and Blind Source Separation).

The purpose of this session is to discuss new approaches to audio source
separation that go beyond ICA and DUET-like methods which are well-known
in the ICA community.

The first part of the session will feature invited speakers, including
Daniel P.W. Ellis (Columbia University) and DeLiang Wang (Ohio State
University). The second part will consist of regular papers selected
among those submitted to ICA'06.

Therefore we encourage you to submit papers about separation of speech
and music sources based on (but not limited to)
- computational auditory scene analysis,
- factorial hidden Markov models,
- sparse coding,
- other advanced models of the sources and the mixing system.

Please refer to http://www.cnel.ufl.edu/ica2006/ for more information
about submission to ICA'06. If you would like your paper to be
considered for inclusion in this session, please email us (after
submission!) giving the authors and the title of the paper.

Note that the deadline for submission is approaching (october 15).
We are looking forward to your contributions!

Emmanuel Vincent and Mark D. Plumbley

Emmanuel Vincent
Research Assistant
Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary, University of London
Tel : +44 20 7882 5528 - Fax : +44 20 7882 7997