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Re: Critical bands v hearing loss

Hello !

As probably most List members know, the normal just noticable frequency 
difference between two consecutive 70 dB sine tones in the range 
from 0.5 to 3 kHz is about 5 cents (i.e., about 0.3 percent).

The critical band width between 0.5 and 5 kHz is about 300 cents.

Reinhart Frosch.

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>Dear list,
>The human ear can only make sense of one signal per critical band. For
>example, if two sine tones of 100Hz and 110Hz are played, two distinct
>tones are not heard. This is because the critical bandwidth at 100Hz is
>about 80Hz, and the two tones would be within the same critical band; one
>will only hear two distinct tones when the two excitations exist in
>separate critical bands. Hence there is no point in having controllable
>bands which are finer in resolution  than a critical band.
>Vinay S.N (M.Phil, M.Sc)
>Doctoral Student in Audiology,
>AIISH, Mysore - 6.
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>Hi, In hearing aids & similar band-based audio processors, is there
>likely to be any point in having controllable bands which are finer in
>resolution  than a critical band? Thanks, regards, Richard

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