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Job Posting: Acoustic Engineer

Greetings List.

The Audio Business Unit of Logitech is looking for an Acoustical Engineer
specializing in Headphone, Headset and Microphone development.  Location is
in Vancouver, WA (near Portland, OR USA)  Please forward any interests to
my attention.


-Michael Howes

Senior Acoustical Engineer (Job ID WA-000028)

Headset, headphone and microphone product development. Actively involved in
all stages of design including: acoustic component selection, acoustic
design implementation, and design verification. Perform acoustic testing on
raw transducers as well as final product. Responsible for complete acoustic
design of various product types.

Proficient in audio and acoustic testing of loudspeakers, microphones and
-Working knowledge of common data aquisition tools such as SoundCheck,
MLSSA, Audio Precision.
-Proficient with various acoustic couplers used in the Telecom field.
-Working knowledge of European and US Telecom standards.
-Proficiency in data management via custom tools or programming.
-Experience in modeling of acoustic transducers.
-Excellent verbal and written communication skills
-Strong documentation skills
-Desire to learn and develop new skills
-Ability to multitask efficiently.

-In depth knowledge of electro-mechano-acoustic modeling and circuit
-Direct experience with Bluetooth and other RF technologies.
-Experience in large volume production test systems.



Michael Howes
Senior Systems Engineer - Acoustics
Logitech - Audio Business Unit
1499 SE Tech Center Place, Suite #350
Vancouver, WA 98683