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Re: AUDITORY Digest - 7 Oct 2005 to 8 Oct 2005 (#2005-206)

Dear List:

I am trying to understand what Peter Freihof meant by referring to a shift of
focus in the auditory system (please see below). I know about illusions in
pitch perception but have never heard that an attentional process, when in
doubt,  "gives up the ghost" on spectral resolution and resolves to the
temporal component instead. Is this shift maintained by some sort of controlled
attention? What part of the auditory system would be responsible for this? Any
clarification on this point would be greatly appreciated.


Susan Rogers

> I think, the confusion which arose in this discussion lies solely in the
> different interpretation of "beats".
> Just because the "beat interval" does not show up as "beat frequency" in
> a
> fourier transform of real world sound pressure waves per se, it doesn't
> mean that our ears are playing tricks on us.
> The auditory system merely shifts its focus of attention from spectral
> to
> temporal resolution under certain conditions i.e. phase inversion at
> zero
> crossings.
> Chopper cells....?
> Pete

Susan Rogers
Levitin Lab
Psychology Department
McGill University