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Instruction for subjects

Dear List

I am running some pilot behavioral studies of auditory continuity illusion
(aka temporal induction).
The sounds are FM sweeps with gaps or noise-inserted gaps.
For various reasons I am running them as "same/different" trials, wth the first sound of the trial being a regular FM sweep and the second one being
the modified FM sweep.

When I ask the subjects, "Is the second sound as continuous as the first sound?" they become confused.

Even FM sweeps with much-louder noise inserted in the gap are considered by some subjects to be not very continuous. (contrary to literature)

How do I change my instructions (basically, the confusion is around the
word 'continuous')? Or change the task?

Any ideas?


Fatima T. Husain, Ph.D.
Bldg. 10/ Room 8S-235D
Phone: 301-594-7758