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Re: Instruction for subjects

Dear All,

I think that the continuity illusion phenomenon is "cortical",
as opposed to say being auditory (anywhere in the central auditory processing system) or peripheral.
The possible mechanisms are alluded to in the paper
Husain et al, "Investigating the Neural Basis of the Auditory
Continuitu Illusion", Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, AUg 2005.

We come to this perspective from a modeling point of view
(the model replicates part of the Ciocca and Bregman,1987 study)
and it is that the increasing spectrotemporal widows of integration
in the cortex mediate the completion of occluded sounds.
(the visual analogy is the "picket fence" illusion).

We posit that the increasing spectrotemporal windows are themselves a function of the anatomical connections between primary and secondary auditory cortices and on to the superior temporal cortex.

But I will, soon, go back to the drawing board and have something to report to you.

p.s.: the Crum study sounds a lot like the Ciocca and Bregman study, albeit with different stimuli (tones vs sweeps?)

Fatima T. Husain, Ph.D. NIDCD/NIH Bldg. 10/ Room 6C-420 Phone: 301-594-7758