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Re: auditory objects corpus/database

Hi Virginie,

By ecological sounds I presume you mean naturally occurring non-speech, non-musical sounds (e.g. dogs barking, cars starting). I have a database of such sounds, with norms for both young and elderly, which can be used for non-commercial purposes only. Get in touch with me and I can send you them. There are several ways to get such sounds for free. A good reference is an article by Valeriy Shafiro (and me)

Shafiro, V. & Gygi, B. (2004). How to select stimuli for environmental sound research and where to find them? Beh. Res. Meth., Instr. & Comp 36(4), 590–598.

If you have an more questions please feel free to contact

Brian Gygi
Acoustics Research Institute
Vienna Austria