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Re: informational masking

Hi Alejandra,

To my knowledge, not much has been published on this topic (yet).  The most recent discussions that come close to involving cognitive mechanisms are found in
Durlach et al., (2003) "Note on informational masking", JASA, 113(6) 2984-2987
Watson, C., (2005) "Some comments on informational masking" Acta Acustica United With Acustica, Vol. 91, 502-512

Neither discusses informational masking in terms of memory, attention or decision making, however, so I'm not sure that these meet the definition of cognitive processes that you may be seeking. 

Erick Gallun
Postdoctoral Fellow
Hearing Research Center, Boston University

At 12:34 PM 11/7/2005, you wrote:
hi all
does anyone know if there is something written about informational masking and cognitive processes?
thanks you all

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