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Re: Rhythm perception

In some forms of Fusion jazz it is desirable to "go over the bar line."
The illusion is that the first beat in the measure has been shifted to
another part of the bar. 

"You can stretch 4/4 like a Gumby." --Vinnie Colaiuta

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One possible difference between musicians and non-musicians:  Musicians
will tend to be aware of the style of the music and will then
previously learned knowldege of how that type of music "goes."  A
non-musician may be less inclined to match a current listening
with previously learned styles.  Specifically, in Indian music or
music or jazz, experienced musicians have learned ideas of what to
for in order to know where they are in the rhythm.

It could be informative to determine when such musicians are successful
"throwing off" the listener.  This would mean that the musician "crosses
over a line" between intelligible meter and confusing cross-rhythms.
example is the drumming from Benin in the CD set for the textbook