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Re: head directivity data & phoneme spectral statistic

Hello Zoltan,

I'd like to get the 3D directivity function of the human head. Is there any data file available?

Several groups have published articles in JASA since the mid-1980s on the pressure transformation from the free field to the tympanic membrane in human subjects - the Free-field-to-Eardrum Transfer Function or, less precisely, the Head-Related Transfer Function (which also includes the effects of the rest of the body, especially the shoulders): Wightman and Kistler, Brungart and Rabinowitz, Kulkarni and Colburn, Constan and Hartmann, Culling, Hawley, and Litovsky, Mehrgardt and Mellert (in late '70s), etc.. Is this what you're looking for?
- Mike Ravicz