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Re: [Spam Detected] Headphones for virtual acoustics

Hi Bernhard
A frequency response which is not flat may be compensated for by equalisation for the headphone transfer function. The reproducibility of the transfer function at high frequencies is not as important because high frequency detail tends to be finer than the auditory filters and gets substantially smoothed by the auditory periphery (see J.Aud. Eng. Soc. (2002) 50, 263-266). Generally, circum-aural headphones are better than supra-aural headphones in this regard. Another factor which appears to be important for externalisation of the image in virtual audio is that the headphones should be of the 'open' type.
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Dear list,

We are looking for headphones to present virtual sound sources by filtering stimuli with HRTFs. They should have 1) a flat frequency response up to about 18kHz and b) high reproducibility of sound intensity - particularly at high frequencies - when putting the headpnones off and on again.

We currently use the Sennheiser HDA200, which appear to fulfill the second requirement but not the first one.

Can anyone recommend a device fulfilling both requirements?

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