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PEAQ Advanced model

Hello to all who are reading this.
 I have implemented advanced model of PEAQ (ITU BS.1387-1) as part of my
master thesis and checked it many times. But I am unable to get ODG for
conformance test as it is given in table 23 of BS.1387.
Values of MOVs from FFT ear model match very closely, but values of MOVs
from filterbank differ a lot, especially AvgLinDistA.
 In order to test my code, I have also implemented some parts of Basic
model - AvgModDiff1B and RmsNoiseLoudB. Values of those 2 MOVs differ
significantly from reference values in conformance test, but are almost
identical to values from EAQUAL and PQevalAudio.
 Please help me to identify the problem.