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4th AES Brazil Conference 2006 - Call for Papers

Please find below the Call for Papers for the 4th AES Brazil Conference.
Abstracts are due by January 15. Please divulge among related communities.
Happy Christmas and New Year for everyone!

Audio Engineering Society - Brazil Section
4th AES Brazil Conference
10th AES Brazil National Convention
8-10 May 2006
Centro de Convençoes Rebouças, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil


The Audio Engineering Society – Brazil Section – is happy to announce its 4^th Conference and 10^th National Convention, to be held in São Paulo, Brazil, in May 2006.

This year’s theme is “Audio in the Communication Era”.

We invite all members from scientific and technological communities in audio, engineering, computer, music and acoustics to submit original papers and posters. Papers shall be submitted in electronic format (PDF or PS) using the JEMS/SBC system, at https://submissoes.sbc.org.br <https://submissoes.sbc.org.br/>. Submissions in Portuguese, Spanish and English will be accepted. Further instructions can be found in the conference website at _http://www.aesbrasil.org/Congresso2006-en.html <http://www.aesbrasil.org/Congresso2006.html>_.

Authors interested in submitting tutorials and/or workshops should submit proposals to the conference organization to the e-mail address aes2006@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:aes2006@xxxxxxxxxx>


It will be accepted works related to (but not restricted to):

Active and Passive Crossovers
Analog and Digital Audio Processing
Analysis/Synthesis and Automatic Listening
Applied Audio Electronics
Audio Coding and Compression
Audio Effects, Transform and Edition
Audio in Engineering (Biomedical and others)
Audio Quality
Audio Signal Restoration
Audio Watermarking
Audiovisual Systems
Auditory Perception and Psychoacoustics
Automotive Audio
Computer Music
Electro acoustics and Sound Systems
Environmental and Room Acoustics
Internet and Broadcast Audio
Loudspeakers and Monitoring
Microphone Technologies
Multichannel Audio
Musical Instrument Modeling
Noise Reduction and Control
Power and Pre-amplifiers
Recording and Reproduction Techniques
Spatial Sound (2D/3D)


Abstract submission: by 15/Jan/06
Paper/Poster submission: by 15/Feb/06
Acceptance notification: 08/Mar/06
Camera Ready deposit: by 08/Apr/06
Works presentations: 08-10/May/06


AES Brazil 2006 General Convention Chair:
Joel Brito (AES Brazil President)

Conference and Technical Program Chair:
Regis Rossi A. Faria (LSI-EPUSP)

Editorial Chair:
Marcelo K. Zuffo (LSI-EPUSP)

Technical Program Committee:

Aníbal Ferreira (Univ. do Porto, Portugal)
Fábio Kon (IME-USP)
Fernando Iazzetta (ECA-USP)
Franscisco J. Fraga (LSI-EPUSP)
João Antônio Zuffo (LSI-EPUSP)
João Benedito dos Santos Junior (PUC-MG)
Jônatas Manzolli (IA-UNICAMP)
Luiz Wagner Pereira Biscainho (EP-UFRJ)
Marcelo Gomes Queiroz (IME-USP)
Marcelo Knörich Zuffo (LSI-EPUSP)
Maurício Loureiro (EM-UFMG)
Miguel Arjona Ramirez (EPUSP)
Paulo Esquef (FPF-AM)
Pedro Donoso Garcia (EE-UFMG)
Phillip Burt (EPUSP)
Regis Rossi Alves Faria (LSI-EPUSP)
Rubem Dutra R. Fagundes (PUC-RS)
Sidnei Noceti Filho (EEL-UFSC)
Sylvio R. Bistafa (EP&FAU-USP)