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Re: PESQ, PEAQ and WPESQ Books

> Can anyone reccommend book(s) that cover speech, wideband speech or audio
> quality assessment in telecoms. . ?
> I am looking for good quality books that cover speech and audio quality
> assessment.

1. ITU standards: www.itu.int
    ITU-R BS.1387
2. "An Examination and Interpretation of ITU-R BS.1387: Perceptual
Evaluation of Audio Quality" P. Kabal
3.  "Perceptual Audio Quality Assessment using a Non-Linear Filter Bank"
Thilo Thiede
4.  "Perceptual model for assessment of coded audio" David J M Robinson
5. "Perceptual Modelling for Low-Rate Audio Coding" Christopher R. Cave
6. ""A combined measurement tool for the objective, perceptual based
evaluation of compressed speech and audio signals" Michael Keyhl,
Christian Schmidmer, Herbert Watcher
7. "PEAQ - the ITU Standard for Objective Measurement of Perceived Audio

2-7 are about PEAQ, 2-6 are available online.
Are You implementing some program based on PEAQ?