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TDT-system: PA4 clicks

Dear colleagues on this list,

we are using Windows XP and a standard RS232-cable to operate a TDT-II
system, equiped with a PA4. The PA4, however, produces some soft, clicky
sound when the attenuation is changed (using PA4atten), even when no input
signal is present. Switching between DC- / AC-operation or Auto / Manual
mode has no effect. Rewiring the power connectors does not help either.

Does anyone recognize this problem and have any hints to a solution ?

Thanks in advance, yours sincerely,

- Erwin George
drs. Erwin L.J. George 
VU University Medical Center
ENT / Audiology
p/a Postbus 7057
1007 MB  Amsterdam
Phone : +31-20-4440963
GSM   : +31-6-10549458
Email  : elj.george@xxxxxxx