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Re: Perceptual experiments

Hej Tarun,

I found myself with the same question at the beginning of my PhD two years ago. I don't have experience with any special software for perceptual experiments. Well, since you mentioned you are completely new to this I assume you are at the starting point of your research, so, I would strongly recommend you to learn a programming language (if you don't know one already) and program your experiments yourself. I know it might look scaring at the beginning but certainly pays off. The main advantage I see, is that there are no black boxes in your experiment chain, you can have complete control over it and adjust everything as you wish. If you focus on learning object- oriented programming you will realize that you can easily reuse code for further experiments without spending so much time.


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On Jan 31, 2006, at 2:24 PM, Tarun Pruthi wrote:

Hi all,

I plan to do some perceptual experiments during the course of my research here. Since, I am completely new to this, I wanted to know if there are any softwares that help in doing perceptual experiments (organising stimuli, collecting results, designing questionairre, making the interface etc)?

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