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[d.cirotteau@miu-ft.org: Ne w topics - Call for participation to the S2S ² research roadmap.]

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+++ Call for participation to the S2S² research roadmap. 

Topics in discussion: 
	Music Performance Modeling
	Sound and Music Interaction Design		

S2S², a project publicly funded  by the European Commission, invites you
to participate  in its Sound  and Music Technology  roadmap elaboration.
This roadmap  is being written  incrementally from initial  proposals by
the editors and open discussions on the different sections.  

The  topics that are  currently being  discussed are  "Music Performance
Modeling" and  "Sound and Music Interaction Design"  (Trend Analysis and
Open Issues).

More information in http://www.s2s2.org/roadmap


This roadmap will not be possible without the participation of the whole
Sound and  Music research  community.  The final  document will  be made
public, and  promoted among decision making bodies,  mainly the European
Commission, but also among other fundholders, policy makers, educational
and industrial institutions,  and all the relevant actors  in our field.
Thus this is a unique occasion to help design the future of our domain.

Members from  the S2S² consortium will regularly  issue contributions to
this roadmap and comments, which will be taken into consideration in the
final version of the roadmap. Each discussion topic will be opened for 2
weeks  after the  date  of the  initial  contribution. You  can get  the
outline and the timeline of the roadmap in: http://www.s2s2.org/roadmap

The next  topics to  be discussed are  "Music Performance  Modeling" and
"Sound  and Music  Interaction Design".   Get the  initial contributions
(first on the trend analysis and  second on the open issues) and comment
it in: http://www.s2s2.org/in-discussion

Should  you  have  some  ideas  about  the future  of  Sound  and  Music
Technology and want  to make your voice loud, jump  on-board and join us

Best regards,
The S2S² Consortium


About  S2S²:  S2S²  (acronym  for  «Sound to  Sense,  Sense  to  Sound»,
pronounce s two - s square) is a FET-Open Coordination Action (number of
contract:   IST-2004-03773).    It    aims   to   bring   together   the
state-of-the-art  research  in  the  sound  domain  and  in  the  proper
combination of human  sciences that does relate to  sound and sense. The
project is developing a research  roadmap for Sound related Sciences and
their research applications  to assess the current state  of the art and
likely future research directions.

The S2S² Consortium				info@xxxxxxxx
Mailing list					http://lists.s2s2.org
Website:					http://www.s2s2.org


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