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ear defenders/sound attenuation

Hi all:

I was wondering if I could tap the collective expertise of this
Listserv to help resolve a problem that has reemerged. 

We are conducting an fMRI study  examining speech perception in normal
controls and in individuals who are recovering from aphasia. Like
several other labs, we have tried to mitigate the influence of scanner
noise by inserting electrostatic transducers in industrial ear
defenders. We found that both 3M and Bilsom produce defenders that work
well in this regard.  

However, we have recently upgraded the coil in our scanner, and
unfortunately there is now insufficient room to have subjects wearing
our modified eardefender/electrostatic headsets. I hope I can avoid a
lot of trial and error by asking if anyone has recommendations on
slimline eardefender's or other sound attenuation techniques/materials
that may enable us to continue to use our electrostatic headphones.

Your input would be most appreciated.



Gerry A. Stefanatos, D. Phil.
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