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n-best list generation using HTK

Hi all ..

    Could any one tell me how to generate n-best list using HTK? I have tried -n option of HVite for this. But I got the following errors.

ERROR [+3230]  Alignment using multiple tokens is not supported
ERROR [+5022]  GetChkedInt: Integer arg out of range in n option

    Then I have modified the code of HVite, such that it wont give this error. But finally, I am not able to get the n-best list. In the output.mlf I could see only one sentence. So, if this problem was faced by anyone before, please tell me how to fix this error.

    I am also trying Sphinx-2 decoder for this, but this is taking arnd 1 hr / sentence. Is there any other way to generate these nbest lists for rescoring?

    Please tell me if there is any other discussion forum related to the speech tools like HTK, Sphinx, Festival.etc.

Rahul Chitturi

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