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Re: Vincent Rioux Matlab Routines

hello Marcio,

_*well, you really should know that i do not maintain these routines anymore.*_
and i provide no guarantee of any sort.
furthermore i don't quite remember if i commented the code so that you can change it.
still it might be useful for your listening experiments.
you're a bit lucky because they were removed recently and i asked them to put them back - still the adress changed:


nowadays, i would use GPL code for linux, python/tkinter/tkzinc and puredata to make the same kind of interfaces...

best regards,

Marcio Avelar wrote:

Dear All,

I'm looking for some Matlab routines written by Vincent Rioux to support listening (psychoacoustic) experiments. These files used to be at the Homepage of the acoustic group from Chalmers University in Sweden. The page has been erased, unfortunately.

Does anyone have the files or know alternative addresses to get them?


Marcio Henrique de Avelar Gomes, Dr.Eng.
http://www.fec.unicamp.br/~mavelar <http://www.fec.unicamp.br/%7Emavelar>