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Re: Schaeffer translation

Solfege des objets sonores - the booklet of this 3 CD set has the translation in
English and Spanish in the "bilangue" style (French on the left page and another
language on the right page). The ina people, who published the solfege, said there
is no English translation of TOM yet.
- hiroko

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Hiroko Terasawa

On Feb 22, 2006, at 6:35 AM, James Wright wrote:

I began to work on a translation of Schaeffer's landmark treatise at McGill in the late 80s, but, with other fish to fry at the time, I set it aside and have never been able to return to it. Certainly no English translation existed at the time. I would be thrilled (but surprised) to learn that an English translation is now available.

Of related interest: Michel Chion also published a valuable little book titled Guide des objets sonores, dedicated to Schaeffer, his mentor.

Best - J. Wright

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i vaguely remember having seen a translation of the "Traité des Objets Musicaux" available in english somewhere, but sorry, i can't find any good pointer on the internet.
with the help of Leonardo search engine, you will find quite a few potentially interesting references :
http://mitpress2.mit.edu/cgi-bin/webglimpse.cgi? ID=1&query=schaeffer&SearchButton=search%21&sp=sp

otherwise i would recommend the "Solfège" which comes with a 3 CD set of examples and explanations given by Schaeffer.
still, in French...

best regards,
vincent rioux

Eleni Lapidaki wrote:

Dear Stefan,

thank you for mentioning Pierre Schaeffer. I also use his ideas about /sound objects/ and /reduced/ /listening/ in my courses both in music psychology and music education. i would appreciate if you could send me any information you have about Pierre Scheffer's Sound Objects. Thanks a lot.

all the best,