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Re: looking for a control task /spectro-temporal processing

Dear Nadine,


The choice of your control task should depend on which step of the perception chain you want to control.

I always found a large influence on the possibility to go back in your ‘echoic’ memory when using such short stimuli as you propose. A way to control the echoic memeory is to embed your short stimulus in a much longer one of similar tones.

If you want to control the stage in which you recognise the pattern you should embed the sequence in similar patterns.


What is your intention with the control signal?



Leon van Noorden


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Subject: looking for a control task /spectro-temporal processing


Hello list! We are designing an experiment that examines auditory spectro-temporal processing:

Subjects will listen to three-tone sequences comprised of two complex tones and will be asked to reproduce the order of the tones manually. Tones will have a frequency of either 100Hz or 300Hz. The Inter-Stimulus-Interval (ISI) between the three tones will vary in several steps (e.g. 5ms, 20ms, 50ms and 300ms).

We are looking for a control task that does not involve auditory temporal processing but it should still be an auditory task and it should not produce ceiling effects.

We thought about amplitude/intensity discrimination with a very long ISI or environmental sound categorization….any other thoughts or comments?

Thanks a lot



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