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underwater listening - bone-conduction

Hello, I?m sonic arts student at Middlesex University (UK). I?m currently I developing a project on underwater soundscapes. My intention is to create a body of recordings of underwater sound environments, with which I can start composing with. Although that has not been an easy job, recording in pools, ponds and small rivers, using homemade hydrophones both with piezzo transducers and dynamic mics. However results have been quite stimulating to the work.

One thing that has been fascinating me is the fact that our perception of underwater sound is realized through bone conduction. For what I could gather by relating different sources is that when inside water the impedance matching/communication form the ear drum (air) to the inner ear (fluid), through the ossicles is stopped. As a result our air conducted listening is also stopped. We no longer perceive sound through the vibration of the eardrum, but through the vibration of the skull and jaw.

I do not know until what point this is as it happens, I am afraid I might be speculating quite a bit. However doing quite some research (in underwater sound, deafness, hearing aids) I haven?t been able to find almost any proper information.

I would be very pleased if anyone could give some insight on this subject or point me in some direction (book, website, person) how might help in this subject.


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