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Re: Helping Apple get iPod hearing protection right

On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, Brian Gygi wrote:

> That also brings up for me the question of how the software knows the dB
> level at the phones.  Not owning an iPod (yeah, yeah), do only iPod
> phones work in an iPod?  If you can use any old headphones that makes it
> impossible to know what the actual output level is.

Besides the problem with various headphones, it is also obvious that an
older record would need quite different settings that a current one. But
it is not clear to me whether the software considers this problem at all.
Quoting the page of Apple:

Note: The volume of songs and other audio may vary depending on how the
audio was recorded or encoded. Volume level may also vary if you use
different earbuds or headphones. With the exception of the iPod Radio
Remote, accessories that connect through the iPod dock connector do not
support volume limits.

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