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Helping Apple get iPod hearing protection right

Hi everyone,

	Apple released a software update
today for iPods, that lets users set a
maximum dB level for the device, and
lets parents lockdown the maximum dB level
of their children's iPod with a combination
lock.  Apple also put up a website on how to
use the feature to limit long-term hearing damage:


	While of course legal considerations
were a factor here, I honestly think Apple
is trying to do the right thing here in an ethical
sense.  Given that some of the world's experts on
hearing damage are subscribed to the Auditory List,
I think it makes sense for the experts among
us (of which I'm not one ...) to consider
"peer reviewing" both the volume-control mechanism
and the instructions on the web page on how to use it,
and sending your opinion to Apple via:


	They actually do listen to the feedback
pages, from my experience with software issues.

John Lazzaro
lazzaro [at] cs [dot] berkeley [dot] edu