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Re: Audio Quality vs. Expectation

Here's a paper showing that listeners' judgments of loudspeaker sound quality are influenced by knowledge about the price and size of the loudspeakers:

	Toole, Floyd; Olive, Sean, "Hearing is Believing vs. Believing is Hearing: Blind vs. Sighted Listening Tests and Other Interesting Things", 97th Convention, Audio Eng. Soc., Preprint No. 3894 (1994 Nov.).

And here's another showing that in home theater systems, users' impressions of sound quality and their impressions of picture quality influence each other:

	Woszczyk, Wieslaw; Bech, Søren; Hansen, Villy, "Interaction Between Audio-Visual Factors in a Home Theater System: Definition of Subjective Attributes", 99th Convention, Audio Eng. Soc., Preprint No. 4133 (1995 Sept.).

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Dear All,

I am looking for references showing how the results of audio quality
evaluation can be biased by different expectations of listeners. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

Slawek Zielinski

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