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Algorithm developer position open


Senior Algorithm Developer


Audience is a venture funded startup that is reverse engineering the human auditory pathway to enable intelligent signal processing for communications speech enhancement, among other applications.


Job Description:


Audience is seeking a self-motivated Algorithm Developer, who would be responsible for developing audio analysis and classification algorithms for speech enhancement. The qualified individual would develop, modify, and execute algorithms for analysis and classification of audio signal streams and computational auditory scene analysis.


Job Requirements:


  • Algorithm Developer with experience developing audio stream separation or classification (discrimination) algorithms.
  • Demonstrated outstanding ability to perform innovative and significant research in the form of technical papers, theses, or patents.
  • DSP for audio and telecommunications.
  • Experience with adaptive and statistical signal processing.
  • Low level audio feature extraction (e.g. DCT, MFCC).
  • Experience with audio signal processing and auditory modeling.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Experience with Matlab and C.

Education/Work Experience:

  • Doctorate degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a related technical field, with strong background in fundamental mathematics.
  • At least three years experience.

A comprehensive benefits package is offered.

Contact Info


Email: jobs@xxxxxxxxxxxx




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