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Research positions at Starkey Laboratories

Starkey Laboratories, Inc. has immediate openings for Research Audiologists.
The Research Audiologist is responsible for planning, conducting,
documenting and reporting clinical research leading to the development of
technology, enhancement in signal processing, and improvements in the
validation, fitting and verification of advanced hearing products. With the
goal of increasing the benefit derived from amplification audiological
research at Starkey Laboratories is conducted to support and validate signal
processing algorithms, advance the application of technology, and improve
strategies for fitting hearing aids. The multidisciplinary team approach
creates a unique environment for learning and mentoring. Located at the
corporate headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, the research facility
houses two anechoic chambers, 5 test booths, and several laboratories
generously equipped with instrumentation designed to support research and
development activities. The salary is competitive and commensurate with the
candidate's qualifications and experience. The positions will remain open
until filled.
- Design and conduct clinical research studies
- Recruit and maintain the research participant pool
- Perform audiological assessment of potential research participants
- Obtain earmold impressions when needed
- Analyze and interpret experimental results
- Maintain research documentation in accordance with current HIPAA
- Coordinate the manufacturing of devices for research purposes
- Establish clinically applicable fitting procedures and recommendations
- Provide expertise and support ro other departments within the company
- Participate as a member of a multidisciplinary team
- Write technical articles for publication in scientific and/or trade
- Present research findings at professional conferences
- Perform other duties as assigned
A graduate degree in Audiology or an advanced degree in a related field
(with an emphasis on auditory processing) is required. The candidate must
have an understanding of hearing aid technology and fitting systems,
experience dispensing hearing instruments, and basic computing skills. Some
previous experience with behavioral or laboratory research is preferred.
Background knowledge in one or more of the following areas is also
desirable: psychoacoustics, experimental design and research methods
involving human subjects, statistics, computer programming. Excellent
written and verbal communication skills and exceptional ability for
innovation and creativity are essential.
For further information, please contact Shilpi Banerjee (shilpi@xxxxxxxxxxx)
or Laurel Olson (laurel_olson@xxxxxxxxxxx). Interested individuals may apply
online by visiting
634. Applicants should include a curriculum vita, a letter outlining
interest and experiences, references and other relevant documents.
Starkey is dedicated to serving its customers by providing products and
services for the hearing impaired community, allowing them to enjoy the
quality of life's experiences. We strive to provide the "Human Touch" to
hearing healthcare. This is accomplished through operational excellence,
product leadership, and customer partnerships. Starkey values these
relationships and contributes to the highest levels of education,
development and service to employees, customer-partners and patients. In
recognition of the contribution of employees in creating this future,
Starkey's leadership strives for high standards in the workplace and
emphasizes employee values in daily activities.