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equal auditory steps along F1/F2

Dear Heriberto,

There is no way to set up an array of perceptually equidistant positions in the F1/F2 plane. The problem is that in different languages there are different categorization boundaries in this plane. Differences accross a category boundary are alway perceived as larger as physically comparable differences within a category. Being grown up with a certain language makes us more sensitive to some steps, and less to others. I am not aware if learning a second language in later life has at least some influence on F1/F2 discrimination performance (I think it should).

Perhaps you could "calibrate" your vowel array, with listeners with the same cultural background as those that you want to invite for your main experiment.

Good luck,
Christian Kaernbach

Dear List members,

I am designing an experiment and I need to synthesize an array of vowels separated by equal perceptual magnitudes. That is to say, I need vowels that sample the acoustic vowel space in equal auditory steps along the continua F1 and F2.
Furthermore, I would like to justify such a magnitude, instead of just doing a Hz to ERB/MEL/Bark etc. conversion, for instance.
I would appreciate any comment and suggestions about the relevant literature.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Christian Kaernbach
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