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ICMC 2006 Call for Volunteers: Habitat for Humanity

ICMC 2006 Call for Volunteers:

Volunteer Weekends for New Orleans Habitat for Humanity's Musicians' Village

ICMC 2006 attendees are invited to join a volunteer group that will help construct Habitat for Humanity's Musicians' Village, an affordable housing project for New Orleans musicians displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Dates are tentatively set for November 3-5 and November 11-12, subject to volunteer availability and ICMC's event schedule. No prior construction experience is required, and volunteers are welcome for any or all dates.

Habitat for Humanity, a USA- based non-profit organization, provides affordable housing for families all over the world by building modest homes and selling them at-cost, with no-interest mortgages. The organization is particularly active in New Orleans at present, and has plans to build hundreds of homes in areas affected by Katrina and clear debris from thousands more.

For details please e-mail Jen Wang (MusiciansVillage@xxxxxxxxxxxx) with your name and possible dates of availability and/or visit www.icmc2006.org. Preliminary scheduling will begin in July, and no firm commitment is necessary until mid-October. Any and all guests are encouraged to join in the effort in rebuilding the city of New Orleans and help its people.

Tae Hong Park, ICMC 2006 Conference Chair